Making Life Safer

Edoceo is a technology company introducing the world to a breakthrough category of hand-held sensors, allowing anyone to almost instantly detect deadly bacterial infections and the presence of dangerous toxins.

In the battle against bacteria, we think this is a game changer.

We’re putting an inexpensive, early-warning system of bacterial infections in the hand of anyone. Our sensors’ ability to give instant warnings of infectious outbreaks will enable early treatments, saving the health care system billions of dollars and, we believe, lots of lives. That’s because Edoceo, unlike most other sensors, offers test results that are almost instant. And they can be repeated as many times as needed, at a fraction of the cost of other testing systems, which can take hours or days to deliver results.

Edoceo sensors do much more, though. They are a breakthrough in monitoring and controlling disease outbreaks in our water and food supply systems. Edoceo will alert us to serious bacterial outbreaks in key food production sectors, such as aquaculture, which loses billions of dollars every year to disease. Edoceo can also monitor bacterial outbreaks in industrial equipment, making food processing facilities, as well as oil and water pipelines, safer and more reliable.

Our sensors can even be used by pet owners and veterinarians to quickly diagnose when pets are suffering from a serious infection and need treatment. Who can argue with that?

At Edoceo we make sensors for life. To create a safer world for us all.

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